A Laboratory Guide to the Mammalian Embryo by David K. Gardner, Michelle Lane, Andrew J. Watson

By David K. Gardner, Michelle Lane, Andrew J. Watson

This e-book pulls jointly the complete diversity of mobile tradition, biochemical, microscopic, and genetic strategies to check the early mammalian embryo. previously, there hasn't ever been any such finished compendium, notwithstanding there were extra concentrated books of protocol, resembling Manipulating the Mouse Embryo, from chilly Spring Harbor. This publication is meant to attract all constituencies, from uncomplicated experimental technology to medical and animal technological know-how functions.

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H. (1973). Biol. , 8, 491. 3 DAVID K. GARDNER MICHELLE LANE Culture of the Mammalian Preimplantation Embryo 1. EMBRYO CULTURE MEDIA There are several treatises on the composition of embryo culture media and the role of specific medium components in supporting mammalian embryo development in vitro (1–3). It is the aim of this chapter to describe in detail how such media should be used in the laboratory and to identify the potential pitfalls that can lead to impaired embryo development in culture.

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