Actual Trends in Development of Power System Protection and

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S(t) = –M dt In this formula, M is mutual inductance; μ0 is permeability of air; S is core cross-section; n is turn density. Because Rogowski Coils use a non-magnetic core to support the secondary windings, mutual coupling between the primary and secondary windings is weak. Because of weak coupling, to obtain quality current sensors, two main criteria must be met when designing Rogowski Coils: The Rogowski Coil output signal independent of the primary conductor position inside the coil loop, and Minimal impact on the Rogowski Coil output signal from nearby conductors that carry high currents.

Transformer inrush currents are determined using a current waveform recognition algorithm. Protection settings can be at a lower current threshold compared to conventional solutions based on CTs. The load tap changer position is also used by the relay to adaptively adjust the transformer ratio allowing the set threshold to be further reduced. 4. Busbar Protection Rogowski Coils can provide reliable protection for all types of bus bars and at any fault current level. Figure 11 shows a busbar with four feeders.

The operation of an EAF transformer is significantly different when compared to a utility power transformer of comparable size. These differences present many challenges to the protection system designer for developing a successful differential protection system. To explain why it is difficult (or impossible) to apply differential protection on EAF transformers using conventional iron-core CTs, a typical EAF operation powered by a 25 MVA transformer is presented next. The electrical system single-line diagram is shown in Figure 5.

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