Alayavijnana: On the Origin and the Early Development of a by Lambert Schmithausen

By Lambert Schmithausen

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6) and as term 'alayavijnana' (see § 2 . 7) . 1 3. 3- 2. 13. 3 A further property of alayavijiiana. ma)21 8 o r name (see the § 2. 9) , at is the quoted in the Initial. Passage and due to which the introduction o f alayavijiiana became imperative (§ 2. o chapt ers o f the Bas i c Section (see § 3 . 5) . The r e is no stateme nt, in the Initia1. 13. 5 moral character of alayavijiiana. hich implies its being morally neutral (avyakrta) but the issue may well have become thematic only some~hat after the i ntroduction of alayavijiiana (cp.

5) . ana may well have been conceived of as continuous from the outset, but in t he abse nce of a n explicit stateme nt to this effect in the InitiaL Passage we can not be su r e of this (see § 2 . 13 . 6). Ev en the fa c t t ha t alayavijfiana is, in ot be r passages , decl ared to oCCU[' not only i n nil"odhasama~atti is but also in other states where conscious ne ss is lacking or faint (§§ 3. 1-2 and 3 . -:! be int e rrupted as soon as conscious mind processes arise. Bu t bhavangaviniiQ~, d~ in contra st to alayavijiiana , ha s nothing to with Seed s (bija) , which do not f igure i n t he Theravada s ystem .

E. t y, eve r , t he five skandhas . er by tak ing titmabluiva in to a furthe r developmen t s ense of co nst i tuents of personal existence ,;, nly as t hey a r e the r esul t of karmic m", r e precisely, in so far as p r i ma r i 1 y ka rma n . 'a4dyatana) - viz . ) a nd mind 375 - whi c h (or : in i . e. ) have arisen f rom [ the process of karllic ] Matura- tion. 11. 3 In or - bijopagata 379 ) . in) of the notion of Sel f, is characte r ized as shapeless and inv i sibl e (or: incommunicable [ to othe r s ) 3 8 1 (onidar- &-~~ ) .

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