An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry: With Applications to by Leonor Godinho, José Natário

By Leonor Godinho, José Natário

Unlike many different texts on differential geometry, this textbook additionally deals fascinating functions to geometric mechanics and basic relativity.

The first half is a concise and self-contained advent to the fundamentals of manifolds, differential varieties, metrics and curvature. the second one half experiences purposes to mechanics and relativity together with the proofs of the Hawking and Penrose singularity theorems. it may be independently used for one-semester classes in both of those subjects.

The major principles are illustrated and extra built by way of various examples and over three hundred routines. exact strategies are supplied for plenty of of those routines, making An creation to Riemannian Geometry excellent for self-study.

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Some of the most successful and established books in the series have evolved through several editions, always following the evolution of teaching curricula, into very polished texts. Thus as research topics trickle down into graduate-level teaching, first textbooks written for new, cutting-edge courses may make their way into Universitext . 1007/978-3-319-08666-8 Springer Cham Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London Library of Congress Control Number: 2014943752 Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 53-0170-0183-01 � Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 This work is subject to copyright.

Show that:(a)if the vector field is -related to then any integral curve of is mapped by into an integral curve of ; (b)the vector field is -related to if and only if the local flows and satisfy for all for which both sides are defined. (11)(Lie derivative of a function) Given a vector field , we define the Lie derivative of a smooth function in the direction of as where , for the local flow of at . Show that , meaning that the Lie derivative of in the direction of is just the directional derivative of along .

This can be seen from the fact that is a regular value of the map from to the space of self-adjoint matrices. As any element of can be uniquely written as a sum of a self-adjoint with an anti-self-adjoint matrix, and the map is an isomorphism from the space of self-adjoint matrices to the space of anti-self-adjoint matrices, we conclude that these two spaces have real dimension . Hence, . (7)The special unitary group is also a Lie group now of dimension (note that is now a differentiable map from to ).

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