Applied Thermodynamics for Meteorologists by Sam Miller

By Sam Miller

This textbook on atmospheric thermodynamics is for college students of meteorology or atmospheric technology. It additionally serves as a reference textual content for operating pros in meteorology and climate forecasting. it's certain since it offers entire, calculus-based derivations of uncomplicated physics from first rules, and connects mathematical relationships to real-world, sensible climate forecasting purposes. labored examples and perform difficulties are incorporated all through.

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Further:3 · The molecules of the gas are in random motion (they move in all directions, and the same number of molecules move in any given direction). · The only interactions between molecules occur when they collide with each other. They do not exert any other forces on each other, such as electrical attraction. Chemists refer to several variations of this electrical attraction as Van der Waals4 forces. The angle at which two molecules approach each other prior to a collision is the same as the angle they follow after collision.

14 for more details. 11 It’s also desirable to define the axes so that as many of the equations appear as straight (or nearly straight) lines as possible, and, so that the intersections of these lines are as close to perpendicular as possible. None of them are ideal, in that not all equations appear as straight lines, and the lines don’t meet at right angles. They were originally invented at a time before compact, powerful computers were available, so the diagrams were a way to apply the equations of thermodynamics to a particular atmosphere (recorded by a balloon-mounted radiosonde) and obtain answers graphically.

For this reason the hecto-Pascal (100 Pa, or 1 hPa) is now in common use. The older unit millibar (one 1000th of a bar) is equivalent to one hPa, so these two units are frequently used interchangeably. The hPa is preferred in recent literature. The equations in the following text summarize some factors for converting between the various pressure units. 4f) fundamental quantities. For example, for diatomic oxygen gas: where the square brackets on the left-hand side (LHS) of the equation indicate the molar mass of O2 molecules.

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