Ayahuasca Analogues Pangean Entheogens (1st edition) by Jonathan Ott

By Jonathan Ott

Certainly one of reviewers wrote:
""Ayahuasca Analogs" is attention-grabbing, yet for the main half, every little thing during this publication got here from "Pharmacotheon."... the single considerable distinction is that Ayahuasca Analogs includes extra ethnic recipes for harmaline-tryptamine interplay. "

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To a certain degree this feeling is common with most psychedelics, but I had never experienced anything even approaching this degree of freedom. I was fully and immediately embracing the universe and anything it may place in my path, as it was all a part of the Divine Mother, it seemed that my entire life had been spent behind a sheet of glass that had become grimier and grimier over time, and all of a sudden this glass had been whisked away and the universe was before me with a new and startling clarity.

In the winter I use Stern's Miracid (S. ) Feeding a lot of nitrogen to your plants will attract more problem insects to them, so cut back on fertilizing as part of the strategy to bring pests under control. For all practical purposes, the lifespan of a Salvia divinorum plant is about 5-6 years. The plants get woody as they age, growth slows and they become more brittle and start to fall apart. If they have been staked and prevented from falling over and rerooting, then it is time to take some cuttings and start again.

Because of the intense heat I did not smoke any Salvinorin during this trip. However, the Salvia entity visited me while I was tripping on mescaline, taking me on a brief journey and offering a cool, peaceful retreat from the brutal temperature. I have now smoked Salvinorin outdoors several times. on some of these occasions there is little difference from my journeys done indoors, but at other times there is a deeper perception and feeling into the plant life around me. On one occasion I was very tempted to hug a large cactus, although I fortunately resisted this urge.

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