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Read Reflect Respond a Answer Key (Read Reflect Respond) by Laurel and Associates (EDT)

By Laurel and Associates (EDT)

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Read mirror reply sequence. This sequence is mainly designed to speedy increase your scholars' skill to appreciate and hold what they learn. The A to D association of the worktexts presents steadily demanding actions starting from uncomplicated bear in mind to reviews requiring higher-order considering talents. abilities awarded are cumulatively bolstered; every one worktext reintroduces and builds on abilities taught prior. both applicable as a refresher direction for on-level scholars or as a main guideline for suffering scholars.

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Is sh or t for V ie nn e. This tells us th at Lu ci us wa s fro m Vi en ne in Ga ul (n ow Fr ance) ra th er th an fro m Au str ia . W hy do yo u th in k Fl av iu s ha d this to m bs to ne m ad e for Lu ci us Du cc iu s? A letter from Dacia Dacia frigida est. saepe pluit. . d ' d Lepidina laeta est. Lepidina epistulam tenet. Lepidina epistulam legit. nunc ningit! I> b alii milites pontem aedificant. pons trans Danuvium transit. necesse est militibus diligenter pons mlrus est. sunt multa saxa. laborare et saxa portare.

Scribe ! scribite! (write! ) This is called the imperative, or command or order. • Then there are impersonal verbs, such as necesse est, which have "it" as the subject (it is necessary). Now l et's see if you can recogn i s e all t h e s e d ifferent verb for m s . Look back at the picture story. In each picture, pick out the Latin verbs. Say whether each one is an infinitive, or the present or imperfect tense, or whether it is an impersonal verb. Watch out! There a re no co m ma n d s i n th i s story but some sentences have m ore than one verb.

It remin ds Corin thus of a famous Greek hero, who also had to destroy a terrible scourge. HERACLES AND THE HYDRA In Greece, at a place called Lern a, there liv ed a fearsome water-sn ake. It was called the Hydra an d it was a ter rible watery mon ster with man y sn aky n ecks an d fan ged, poison ­ drippin g heads. It liv ed in a dismal swamp, feedin g off the crops an d flocks, an d its v en omous br eath spread death. Her acles was set twelv e v ery difficult tasks. On e of these was to kill the Hydra.

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