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F"); } } } The author of Derived has one other option, and that is to change the name of F, thus completely avoiding the name collision. Though this change would break source and binary compatibility for Derived, the importance of this compatibility varies depending on the scenario. If Derived is not exposed to other programs, then changing the name of F is likely a good idea, as it would improve the readability of the program – there would no longer be any confusion about the meaning of F. 18 Attributes C# is a procedural language, but like all procedural languages it does have some declarative elements.

ToString()); #endif #endif CommitHelper(); } } 32 Copyright  Microsoft Corporation 1999-2000. All Rights Reserved. 3 Pre-processing control lines The #error and #warning features enable code to report warning and error conditions to the compiler for integration with standard compile-time warnings and errors. pp-control-line: #error pp-message #warning pp-message pp-message: pp-tokensopt The example #warning Code review needed before check-in #define DEBUG #if DEBUG && RETAIL #error A build can't be both debug and retail!

If the literal is suffixed by UL, Ul, uL, ul, LU, Lu, lU, or lu, it is of type ulong. If the value represented by an integer literal is outside the range of the ulong type, an error occurs. 2), the result is a constant of type int with the value 2147483648 ( 231). In all other situations, such a decimal-integer-literal is of type uint. 2), the result is a constant of type long with the value 9223372036854775808 ( 263). In all other situations, such a decimal-integerliteral is of type ulong. Copyright  Microsoft Corporation 1999-2000.

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