Paper – Puppet, Poem, Photo

PAPER: Puppet, Poem, Photo

Artists: Tahir Carl Karmali, Will McInerney and Donovan Zimmerman
Date: 21st May, 2015
Timeframe: 1 day workshop
Partners/Sponsors: SwitchPoint, IntraHealth, limeSHIFT

Switchpoint is an annual humanitarian intervention, global health, technology, and artivism conference organized by IntraHealth International. As part of the 2016 conference, artists Tahir Karmali, Donovan Zimmerman, and Will McInerney partnered with two dozen participants from across the country to create an art installation exploring a multi-translational process across the mediums of poetry, puppetry, and photography.

The entire project was given 60 minutes to incubate, translate, and bring forward artistic life. Participants broke into two groups and either; wrote original works of poetry anchored in randomly assigned metaphors or; created puppets from a collage of paper, tape, fabric, and string. Upon completion, the participants used the poems as inspiration to bring the puppets into motion. This multi-layer translation – from raw material and word – to puppetry and poetry – to stories brought to life through lyric and motion – is documented across the following pages in photography.