Celebrating Our Collective Tapestry : April 2017

YouTube invited limeSHIFT to help celebrate diversity and inclusion with their employees through art and to activate their office space in the process. Working with the company’s Culture Club, we asked employees to submit photos that “make you smile.” Over 140 employees globally participated.

In Diversity, there is Beauty and there is Strength: February 2017

What does Diversity & Inclusion mean in business, art and community engagement? Where does its strength and power live and how can we cultivate it to better all of us? Below, we discuss the importance of acknowledgment and inclusion in art and within organizations.

Revitalize Your Creativity: January 2017

Revitalize your creativity and build creative confidence with a playful workshop. For the next 6 months, limeSHIFT will be highlighting each of our 6 workshops designed to serve the workforce of the future, starting with Creative Workout.

September: #LPPMus and Works in Progress

This month, we reflect on the Lincoln Park Patchwork Mural and Tahir’s ability to balance his personal art practice and his role as limeSHIFT’s Art Director – a balance we feel strongly about nurturing to ensure the creation of great art. We are excited to have you along on our journey as we continue to grow and take on projects at the intersection of business, community, and art!

August Updates: Lincoln Park Patchwork Mural, Kiva, and more

Socially-conscious and LEED Platinum real estate developer Broder engages the local community in an art project. With limeSHIFT, they commissioned artists Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen to create community-inspired art. The result, the Lincoln Park Patchwork Mural (LPPM), is a 60-foot mural with light installation in progress at Broder’s construction site.

July Updates: Colour in Faith, AFTA, and MTP

“Color in Faith” moves mountains (and people)
For the past year, Yazmany and Nabila have been working to bring to life Colour In Faith in Nairobi, Kenya. This intervention unites communities across Nairobi by focusing on their houses of worship and painting those structures yellow as a physical manifestation of ‘love,’ the most important value in any religion or community.

June Updates: Paper, #helloSUNSHINE and more

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