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Be the SHIFT

limeSHIFT Workshops

limeSHIFT’s workshops are designed to serve the workforce of the future. We use innovative art practices and creative facilitation to activate different parts of your brain.

Shift to Lead

Align individual and organizational values to produce more purpose-driven employees.

Purpose-driven employees are more connected, productive and loyal to organizations. This immersive experience connects individuals to their space and community by translating self-awareness, observation, and reflection into collective visioning and creative problem-solving.

  • Coordinate joint vision and action
  • Invite purpose-driven belonging
  • Unlock team synergy
  • Increase presence and focus
  • Build rapid design capacity
Collective Potential

Build strong cross-team collaboration by celebrating different roles and work styles

Grow the creative potential of your company by harnessing different workstyles of your employees. This workshop teaches employees how to recognize and navigate diverse skill-sets, equipping employees with the ability to work across teams and roles.

  • Promote inter-style collaboration
  • Inspire synergistic productivity
  • Heighten communication, perception, and listening
  • Facilitate collective ideating
Diversity Training

Looking to recruit, empower and retain top talent across gender, race, and culture?

limeSHIFT’s behavior-based Diversity Training is a hands-on, interactive, role-playing experience. Use art-making and spatial awareness to build diverse, cohesive teams, promote collaboration and build healthy, empathetic relationships.

  • Foster inclusivity
  • Develop resilience in the face of social stress and hostility
  • Build empathy and compassion
  • Become aware of unconscious biases and change behavior accordingly
  • Build competency in creative conflict resolution
Creative Workout

In a creative rut? Revitalize your creativity and build creative confidence with a playful workshop

Is your creative output what it could be? We review impediments to creative flow – spatial, psychological and physical – and together build exercises that create space for exponential ideation. We leave you with a custom toolkit to revitalize and regularly renew your team’s creativity.

  • Uncover impediments to creativity
  • Revive the ‘child’s mind’
  • Practice with co-design
  • Strengthen team synergy
  • Leave you with tools to get out of a creative rut
Mind Relief

Release, renew and reinvigorate!

Stressful periods can derail a company’s long-term goals through the erosion of working relationships and decreased clarity, performance and mental agility. This workshop alleviates stress and restores a team to optimal performance. Using play, meditation, and craft, we produce a balance of mind and o er a cathartic experience for your team.

  • Alleviate stress
  • Reinvigorate team confidence
  • Inspire collective catharsis
  • Restore clarity and focus
  • Participate in a creative wellness experience

More ways to innovate

Here are more ways to get art involved to inspire and learn

Artist Engagements for Events
Increase participation and fun at your event by engaging an artist
Speaking Engagements
Be inspired learn about social practice art in the world
Corporate Artist Residencies
Immerse your employees in creativity with an artist residency