Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each engagement cost?

We offer a 50-50% split with our artists. Therefore, the cost of each engagement depends on the artist fee as well as the number of employees included in the process and any other creative collateral produced. Our projects typically range from $10,000 – $100,000.

How time consuming is an engagement for my employees?

For artistic input, we use site assessments, employee surveys, interviews and/or workshops. All activities are voluntarily for employees and we can adjust the activities depending on your needs.

How long do engagements last?

We customize the engagement depending on your needs. – Our typical engagements last 1 month: 2 weeks of information and inspiration gathering and 2 weeks of concept finalization and creation.


Is this a distraction for my employees?

No! Offering creative leadership training demonstrates an investment in your employees’ development. The amount of support and training employers provide directly ties to employee loyalty.  

“A direct participation and involvement in an arts experience encourages learning through a trial-and-error process, which represents powerful experiential mechanisms to develop skills as well as to engage people in conversation and team working…[It] require(s) intuitive thinking, emotional arousal, aesthetic understanding, social intelligence and more generally creative capabilities, such as imagination, improvisation, perception, empathy and flexibility.” 

Furthermore, participating in art reduces stress.

Will my employees be interested in this?

Yes! You’d be surprised how much employees enjoy the opportunity to share hidden talents, try new things or connect in different ways.

What if I don’t like the final product?

We utilize a collaborative and iterative co-creative process. You choose the artist, are intimately involved in the creation process, and review the final concept.


Are you a non-profit?

No, the purpose of starting limeSHIFT was to provide artists with an additional line of income outside of grant funding. We believe strongly in proving the value proposition of an arts engagement to the private sector. 

Where does the name limeSHIFT come from?

The name limeSHIFT is based on Redshift, a physics concept explaining how light increases in wavelength and thus shifting along the visibility spectrum. We were drawn to the idea of shifting from invisible to visible as that motivates our art practice. We preferred the color lime to red as we also like the idea of shifting the limelight addressing the question of who gets to make art and who is considered an artist.

What type of art is it?

Whatever you decide best embodies and communicates your firm’s essence and personality.

How can I be assured that the final art product will not be a messy “group think” piece?

It is the artist’s responsibility to produce a cohesive design. We will assist the artist in incorporating your employee’s inputs, but the artist holds the responsibility for artistic vision.

How are you different from an art consultant?

limeSHIFT matches an artist to your company to make customized work based on your culture and values. Art consultants advise on buying finished works for your office.