We SHIFT your workplace to reflect your company culture

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Activate your place with purpose

Looking to reinvigorate your space?

Create unique artworks that empower employees with ownership and purpose

Co-created Office Art

Transform your workspaces and public spaces to communicate your values.

  • Create memorable and differentiated office spaces
  • Infuse employees with pride about their space
  • Build creative cohesion among employees

More ways to innovate

Here are more ways to get art involved to inspire and learn

Office Art Curation

Inspire your employees and communicate your values through carefully curated artwork. Support emerging and/or local artists while keeping your space fresh and dynamic.

Employee Art Displays

Highlight your employees’ creativity with curated displays of their artwork. Provide a conversation piece for visitors and employees to connect.

Spatial Assessment

limeSHIFT will immerse itself into your company and use quantitative and qualitative research to recommend an office environment that encourages creativity, productivity and connection.