Case Studies

Espejismo: A Festival of Borrowed Reflections, Yale SOM

Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: April 2017
Timeframe: 4 months


  • While the first Yale management degree began in 1976, Yale School of Management (SOM) came into existence in 1994 and started offering its master of business administration (MBA) degree in 1999.
  • The mission of the SOM is to educate leaders for business and society. The following three objectives shape how Yale SOM puts its mission into practice: 1. Be the business school that is most integrated with its home university. 2. Be the most distinctively global U.S. business school. 3. Be recognized as the best source of elevated leaders for all sectors and regions.
  • Considering these objects, two MBA students asked limeSHIFT to activate SOM’s mission through art.

Engagement Scope:
An interactive experience where diverse groups are called on to lead, create and participate to address the following ideas:

  • The value of social impact for business
  • Understanding the significance of the individual within the whole
  • SOM’s role within the Yale community and globally as a thought leader
  • Authentic engagement among Yale SOM students
  • More creativity and freedom within the SOM student experience
  • The relationship between physical and social and the need to create a safe space for open dialogue
YouTube x Miguel Arzabe

Artist: Miguel Arzabe
Date: April 2017
Timeframe: 1-week total engagement

– YouTube was looking for a way to integrate and represent their diverse team
– Interesting in providing art to their team and activate a common space
– Integrate the both digital submissions and tangible interaction with art making

Engagement Scope:
– Create conversations about diversity by asking the YouTube to submit photos that represented themselves – answering the prompt “Show us what makes you smile”
– Use a photo weaving process to build a social atmosphere and community
– 16’ x 5’ photo weaving
– Create a conversation piece for the office

#LPPMus, Broder, Chicago, IL

Artist: Ellen Rutt & Partick Ethen
Date: July, 2016 – August 2016
Timeframe: 3-week total engagement spread over 2 months

– LEED Platinum, holistically-minded and sustainability-focused developer
– Interested in providing the local community with an art piece during the 18-month construction process for a new residential building in Lincoln Park
– Open to integrating the art into the community through a thoughtful engagement

Engagement Scope:
– Create something bright, interactive, playful, educational and family-friendly to brighten the – 60’ x 8’ plywood fence
– Build a social atmosphere and community identity
– Create a conversation piece and social buzz drawing people and interest to the neighborhood and project
– Use beauty to build empathy


Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: September, 2015 – April 2016
Timeframe: 3 months total engagement spread over 9 months

– 20-year old retail company based in Boston
– Rebranded in 2015
– Moved headquarters
– 70 employees in Boston office

Engagement Scope:
– Strengthening Life is Good’s culture and values internally
– Life is Good as Arthouse: optimizing creativity as a superpower
– Co-creation of beautiful, community-inspired art in Life is Good’s new office space
– Providing language for external engagement


Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: August, 2015 – ongoing
Timeframe: ongoing

The idea is to focus on houses of worship (e.g. churches, temples, mosques and synagogues) and colour the physical structures that hold these communities together yellow. The colour would symbolize and speak to LOVE as the most important notion in any religion. Colouring the buildings would highlight the idea that there is more that unites than divides us as a people. Painting the buildings would represent a catalytic event that expresses the progress in community unity, belief in love and an expression of inclusivity as a result of the project.

PAPER: Puppet, Poem, Photo

Artist: Tahir Carl Karmali
Date: 21st April, 2016
Timeframe: 1 day workshop
Partners/Sponsors: SwitchPoint, IntraHealth, limeSHIFT

Switchpoint is an annual humanitarian intervention, global health, technology, and artivism conference organized by IntraHealth International. As part of the 2016 conference, artists Tahir Karmali, Donovan Zimmerman, and Will McInerney partnered with two dozen participants from across the country to create an art installation exploring a multi-translational process across the mediums of poetry, puppetry, and photography.


Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: May, 2015
Timeframe: 5 months
Partners/Sponsors: Mayor’s Office, the Department of Defense, Aga Khan Trust for Culture

One Saturday morning, 130 youth volunteers flood Kabul streets and handout 10,000 pink balloons to adults walking to work. The idea was to interrupt the daily routines of adults walking to work on the day of the week when their morale is at their lowest. The intention was to change the narrative of a war-torn city with a declaration of promise, happiness and beauty.


Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: August, 2014
Timeframe: 3 months

The Beware Of Colour campaign simply questioned why there are so many privately and publicly owned buildings that are unused and decaying in Johannesburg’s Central Business District. Given the housing crisis, it was felt that these abandoned properties are emblematic of a broken governmental system. The project highlighted these spaces by pouring hot pink paint down the facades of nine buildings in the middle of the night.