We infuse an engaging culture of connection,
beauty and wellness into your working environment.


limeSHIFT is a creative agency that brings artists into communities (both public and private) to co-create art to elevate culture. Through our process of co-creation, we transform spaces and activate communities to be their most creative, productive and connected. Our team brings over 35 years of research and industry experience in art processes for business, social practice art, community capacity building, and entrepreneurship.


Public Art has the capability to disrupt social routines to make people aware of their space and place. This aim is to create moments of connection, beauty and expression. In doing so, we bring to light our shared humanity.

Our Team

Elizabeth Thys


Liz is vested in organizations being more creative, adaptive and value-driven. Prior to Sloan, she worked as an Equity Research associate at Morgan Stanley. She received her MBA from MIT Sloan, where she served as the Co-Chair of Hacking Arts, a festival that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the creative arts industries (including visual arts, virtual reality, and design).

Yazmany Arboleda

Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer

Yazmany Arboleda is a New York-based public artist who lectures internationally on the power of art in public space. Yazmany has choreographed a living sculpture titled “Monday Morning.” This project – launched in India and then Kenya, Japan and Kabul – seeks to create new patters of interaction by giving away thousands of biodegradable balloons to city dwellers walking to work.

Nabila Alibhai


A global citizen from Nairobi, Nabila uses practices in civic leadership, spatial design and public health to shift societies. Her previous work for the Aga Khan Development Network and the United Nations has taken her to Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Africa, Geneva and New York. She has an MPH from Yale University and was a mid-career fellow in MIT’s Special Program in Urban and Regional Studies.

Tahir Karmali

Art Director

Award winning practicing fine artist and photographer with a background in marketing and communication. Masters of Digital Photography, SVA

Aithan Shapira


PhD in creative processes, two Masters’ in Art, and a decade of experience across three continents collecting varied cultural approaches to innovation.

Jenny Larios Berlin


Jenny has industry experience in education, finance, and transportation. In each sector she built skills in leadership (managing teams of 30+ people) and general management. MBA, MIT Sloan