Artist: Yazmany Arboleda
Date: September, 2015 – April 2016
Timeframe: 3 months total engagement spread over 9 months

– 20-year old retail company based in Boston
– Rebranded in 2015
– Moved headquarters
– 70 employees in Boston office

Engagement Scope:
– Strengthening Life is Good’s culture and values internally
– Life is Good as Arthouse: optimizing creativity as a superpower
– Co-creation of beautiful, community-inspired art in Life is Good’s new office space
– Providing language for external engagement

Process: Engaged with >80% of Boston-based Life is Good Employees
Quantitative and qualitative research that included surveys, interviews, focus groups, and meeting observations.

Every company including Life is Good is challenged to get their teams to feel united and inspired all the time…Art like nothing else in the world can bring people together.

Bert Jacobs, CEO, Life is Good


Everyone as Artist
Length: 1 hour
Purpose: To engage all employees as artists, build creative and open mindsets and assess the energy of the physical space

Concept Co-Creation
Length: 1 hour
Purpose: To create an intention for the art pieces by articulating Life is Good’s values and brainstorming the physical manifestation of the art



Site: stairwell connecting 8th and 9th floor to create cohesive sense of community between floors
Values communicated: love, fun and authenticity
Materials: digital prints on archival paper, adhesive paste, Optimistic Yellow acrylic paint

“It’s a beautiful representation of the people at Life is Good and the reality and the authenticity of the moments they go through everyday.”
– Colleen Clark, Director of Optimistic People at Life is Good

“It’s introspective and really welcoming. I like the fact that it makes it about any guest that visits Life is Good. They don’t come in and we say “look at us, look at what we’re doing.” We say “look at yourself.”… The most powerful thing is your disposition, your view of the world. helloSUNSHINE makes a statement about your view of the world.”
– Bert Jacobs, CEO of Life is Good

This mural has sparked so much conversation and really sets the tone for our interaction with others.

Christine Kwitchoff, Director of Global Sourcing ,Life is Good


Site: main lobby entrance to introduce company values immediately
Values communicated:openness, compassion, creativity and courage
Materials: magnetic paint, Optimistic Yellow acrylic paint, magnets, plywood, mirrors

“Hello, I see you. You matter. Your time matters. What you do here is valuable. Be inspired to be here and help make Life Good for the world.”
– Life is Good Employee

What they did was open up a curiosity in all of us that I think makes us better decision makers and better community members

Colleen Clark, Director of Optimistic People at Life is Good