Artist: Ellen Rutt & Partick Ethen
Date: July, 2016 – August 2016
Timeframe: 3-week total engagement spread over 2 months

– LEED Platinum, holistically-minded and sustainability-focused developer
– Interested in providing the local community with an art piece during the 18-month construction process for a new residential building in Lincoln Park
– Open to integrating the art into the community through a thoughtful engagement

Engagement Scope:
– Create something bright, interactive, playful, educational and family-friendly to brighten the – 60’ x 8’ plywood fence
– Build a social atmosphere and community identity
– Create a conversation piece and social buzz drawing people and interest to the neighborhood and project
– Use beauty to build empathy


Engaged with 7 local community organizations

Artist Selection
limeSHIFT managed the artist selection process to fit the needs of the project and desired aesthetic and emotional outcomes of the client. Final selection: Ellen Rutt & Patrick Ethen

Site Visit and Neighborhood Outreach
Gained understanding of site space and neighborhood architecture and relationship to greater Chicago
Lincoln Park:
– Lincoln Park Community Shelter: Pattern making workshop completed 7/5/16
– Flyers distributed: Lincoln Park Public Library, Lincoln Park Community Shelter DePaul Art Museum, Cardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center, The Paintbrush, St. Vincent de Paul Parish, St. Josaphat Parish & Augie’s
– Announcements made at Parish Congregations (St. Josaphat Parish & St. Vincent de Paul Parish)
– Connected with Chicago Public Art: Chicago Public Art Group and Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events – Curator of Exhibits and Public Art, Program Director/Visual Art

Community Participation
– Created buzz around the art piece by encouraging community submissions on inspiration through social media #LPPMus and a website LPPM.us.
– Social Media Results: 11.9k user reach

We have been paying attention to who is here and what is going on – so that the mural is really part of the place where it exists.

Ellen Rutt, Artist