YouTube x Miguel Arzabe

Artist: Miguel Arzabe
Date: April 2017
Timeframe: 1-week total engagement

– YouTube was looking for a way to integrate and represent their diverse team
– Interesting in providing art to their team and activate a common space
– Integrate the both digital submissions and tangible interaction with art making

Engagement Scope:
– Create conversations about diversity by asking the YouTube to submit photos that represented themselves – answering the prompt “Show us what makes you smile”
– Use a photo weaving process to build a social atmosphere and community
– 16’ x 5’ photo weaving
– Create a conversation piece for the office


Artist Selection
limeSHIFT curated a selection local artists from San Francisco and the bay area that matched YouTube’s brief. Final selection: Miguel Arzabe

Community Participation
– Eased community engagement offering 2 ways to participate: Digital photo submissions and physical interaction by participating in the weaving