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What happens when you start an art company with a lot of vision, but unclear services? How do you pitch and sell your work?

This is limeSHIFT’s current challenge with sales. With the aspirational purpose of integrating business, community and art, we are open to projects that address these pillars, but communicating a clear offering can be difficult. As we say in the startup world, we are targeting “Innovators,” the first level in the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle:


Everett Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation

At this stage, our clients inherently see value in our vision, can grasp a potential application, and are open-minded and willing to try something new.

Recently, limeSHIFT had the opportunity to pitch a new client. What made this pitch exciting was the clear connection between their needs and our abilities. Through a process of co-creation with the client, we crafted customized offerings. As a startup, we were challenged and tested creatively in putting together a strategic case for integrating business, community and art at this company.

We surprised ourselves (and the client!) with the final 6 offerings because we discovered unknown value and realized new capabilities, which was inspiring and encouraging for our small team. The offerings were:

  1. Cultural Discovery and Space Assessment
    • What: Quantitative and qualitative research on values and space use with surveys, interviews, and workshops to evaluate energy and movement of employees
    • Why: Provide an outlet for employees to speak freely about the organization’s mission and values to provide clear, unfiltered feedback to leadership; assess and identify areas of energy imbalances in the office and reinvigorate dead spaces
  2. Co-Created Art
    • What: Co-created art aligned with the company’s values and strategic vision
    • Why: Provide creative workshops focused on the employee skills needed for the company to achieve its strategic goals; Create artworks by and for the employees to inspire them every day and align on company values

  3. Commissioned Art
    • What: Commission local art nonprofits in collaboration with Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Why: Connect the company to the local creative community by supporting art groups and highlight the company’s social impact objectives to inspire employees
  4. Employee Gallery Wall
    • What: Curate and construct an employee-created art gallery wall that will change periodically to encourage conversation among the community
    • Why: To highlight internal talent and allow employees to share their creative work encouraging openness, curiosity, and confidence
  5. Space Design and Wayfinding
    • What: Ergonomic solutions and signage to encourage cross-team interaction, efficient space usage and easy navigation in the new space
    • Why: To tackle workspace innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency with mindful and aesthetically-aligned signage
  6. Curated Art for Remainder of Office
    • What: Select and purchase artwork that cohesively fits with the rest of the space and integrates findings from the Cultural Discovery
    • Why: To complete the office design with thematically curated artwork

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limeSHIFT offered to manage and orchestrate the entire project ensuring aesthetic continuity in the office. Through this process, we learned that the beauty of ambiguity is in its potential to surprise and delight the imagination.

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